Population Growth.

It is the view of SPGN that there is ample evidence that even our present population of approximately 22 million is unsustainable, and that further growth will only make the position worse.

Notwithstanding, visitors to this site may wish to look at the effects on population numbers of different population growth rates by using this calculator.

Population Growth Calculator.

Although we refer to what follows as a Population Growth Calculator, it is equally applicable to any quantity which grows with time. (Think about dollars in an interest bearing deposit for example). Using the calculator is a simple four step procedure:-

Enter the population specifications:

1) Initial population:
2) Annual percentage population growth:
3) Growth period in years:


4) Final population:
5) Number of Australias:
6) Number of Worlds:

The results are presented as a set of three numbers:-

Population Horizons.

Whether or not a population growth rate is considered realistic will depend largely on the time scale under consideration. For example, if you are only interested in a period of ten years, then a growth rate of 2% might be considered. If you want to ensure that the human race will remain viable for a thousand years, then a growth rate of 1% will be seen to be totally unrealistic. In the following, four categories of people are considered, along with the time horizons they might be expected to adopt:-

In summary.

It should be perfectly clear from the above, that if the human race is to have an arbitrarily long future on this planet, then we must establish a society which is essentially static in nature. This is not open to debate...it is a simple mathematical fact.